Hanson Earns First Rice Lake Speedway Modified Win

By Ed Reichert

RICE LAKE, WI (May 29) - Mark Hanson held off the constant pressure from Kevin Adams and recorded his first-ever WISSOTA Modified feature win Saturday night to highlight the first half of the WISSOTA AMSOIL Dirt Track Series double-header at Rice Lake Speedway.

Two proved the lucky number for the rest of the winners Saturday as Jason Forehand, Matt Leer, Sam Fankhauser and Dusty Brown all recorded their second wins of the year at Rice Lake.

Hanson started on the outside of the front row and jumped into the early lead in the Modified finale. Adams battled with Steve Hallquist for a few laps before he drove around the Eau Claire driver and took over second. Hanson and Adams were both running the high groove on the track and Adams gradually reeled in the leader.

Behind the top two, Larry Prochnow and Brent Prochnow raced side by side for several laps in a fight for third with both Scott Duval and Mike Anderson who searched for a route around them.

Adams caught Hanson near the halfway point and began testing the leader who continued to make solid laps up against the wall.

A yellow flag at the halfway point gave Adams his chance and he threw a slide job at Hanson in turn two; the #40 flew up past the #18 on the inside and Adams had the lead for just a second. Hanson timed his response well, however; he cut across Adams’ bow and relaimed the lead.

Hanson bobbled once in turn two but Adams was on the outside  and both cars kissed off the wall and continued. Adams remained tight on Hanson’s bumper, but Hanson refused to yield and drove home for the memorable win. Brent Prochnow used a late charge to close in on the leaders with Anderson and Duval trailing in the top five.

Forehand has not lost a feature race since his wedding on Saturday, May 15, and Saturday night he kept the string alive at three straight, including the night before at Red Cedar Speedway.

After polesitter Jeff Heintz looped his car during the first attempt to start the race, Forehand jumped into the lead from the outside of the front row and put some distance on the field. Andy Grymala held second until Steve Thomas drove around him and stole the position. A swarm of racers battled for third with Grymala trying to hold off Aaron Wilson, Ben Hillman, Scott Clark and Shane Kisling, who had charged forward on the outside after starting 10th.

Forehand was still well in front when the yellow flew again for a spin and Forehand lost his big lead. Kisling was second when handling problems after the restart caused him to drop back a couple of spots. Two late yellows kept things tense for Forehand, but he held the groove and brought home the win ahead of Thomas, Wilson, Kisling and Hillman.

The WISSOTA Street Stock feature, if anything, outdid the intensity of the other main events as a huge swarm of cars battled for the lead during most of the event. Simon Wahlstrom and Josh Amans shared the front row but Doug Wojcik made a great move to the high side and stole the lead. Fankhauser took over second but got turned around one lap later and the yellow flag flew.

Wojcik continued to lead under green while Fankhauser battled with Adam Soltis for the runner-up slot and Chanda Fjorden Nord and Ron Hanestad moved toward the front of the pack. Fankhauser then picked up the pace; he tracked down Wojcik and took over the lead with an inside pass. Once in front, Fankhauser opened up a comfortable lead and drove home for a solid win. Soltis capped his best run in second with Hanestad third ahead of Gary Kasperek and Fjorden Nord.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature event had just a bit of controversy before Leer recorded the win. Travis Anderson jumped into the early lead over Jason Swan with Josh Smith, Ryan Viltz and Leer all moving toward the front. Anderson put a few car lengths on the field while Leer stormed to the high line and moved into second. Spotting the high line as the way to go, Viltz and Shane Halopka both went there and tracked toward the front of the field.

The controversy occurred when a car spun in turn four briefly, but then moved almost immediately, which triggered the yellow caution light for just a second before it was turned off again. Leader Anderson saw the yellow and slowed on the back chute. By the time he realized the race was continuing, he had dropped back to fourth.

Leer was suddenly alone up front with the leaders rather spread out, and he drove home unchallenged after that for the win. Trailing him were Viltz, Halopka, Anderson and Swan.

Kyle Hunter led the first few laps of the Pure Stock feature event before Brown caught him and took over the lead. Nick Wojcik started in the fourth row and was moving forward when he got tagged and spun. Brown continued to lead after the restart until Wojcik briefly took over the point. Brown reclaimed the lead for good and Wojcik faded out of contention for the win but held off Hunter for third. George Richards and Nick Traynor completed the top five.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature - Mark Hanson, Kevin Adams, Brent Prochnow, Mike Anderson, Scott Duval, Larry Prochnow, Mark Hessler, Scott Miller, Pat Hoffman, Kenny Kinkaid, Paul Niznik, Jared Loos, Dave Mayala, Tim McMann, Steve Hallquist
Heat 1 - B. Prochnow, Duval, L. Prochnow, Hallquist, Miller, Hoffman, McMann, Kinkaid
Heat 2 - Hessler, Hanson, Adams, Anderson, Loos, Niznik, Mayala

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature - Jason Forehand, Steve Thomas, Aaron Wilson, Shane Kisling, Ben Hillman, Scott Zitelman, Andy Grymala, Steve Weber, Jeff Heintz, Allan Amborn, Donnie Talmage, Scott Clark, Jerry Blodgett, Mike Siewert, Jim Harris
Heat 1 - Forehand, Wilson, Grymala, Thomas, Hillman, Kisling, Talmage, Blodgett
Heat 2 - Heintz, Clark, Harris, Zitelman, Weber, Siewert, Amborn

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature - Matt Leer, Ryan Viltz, Shane Halopka, Travis Anderson, Jason Swan, Josh Smith, Mike Mueller, Nick Koehler, Bob Wood, A.J. Roschen, Grant Southworth, Terry Sirek, Joe Olson, Fran Hanson, Bryce Johnson, Tito Viltz, Al Broker
Heat 1 - R. Viltz, Leer, Mueller, Hanson, Wood
Heat 2 - Halopka, Anderson, Koehler, Roschen, Johnson, T. Viltz
Heat 3 - Sirek, Swan, Smith, Olson, Broker

WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature - Sam Fankhauser, Adam Soltis, Ron Hanestad, Gary Kasperek, Chanda Fjorden Nord, Jimmy Randall, Josh Amans, Doug Wojcik, Zach Manley, Danny Richards, Joel Hinrichs, Jason Lang, Simon Wahlstrom, Marcus Simonson, James Vought
Heat 1 - Hanestad, Wahlstrom, Amans, Richards, Kasperek, Randall, Simonson, Hinrichs
Heat 2 - Fjorden Nord, Fankhauser, Wojcik, Soltis, Lang, Manley, Vought

Pure Stocks:
Feature - Dusty Brown, Nick Wojcik, Kyle Hunter, George Richards, Nick Traynor, Josh Bach, Brandon Davis, Bob Thompson, Don Blanchette, Bob Wahlstrom, Darwin Brown, John Erickson, Josh Buckridge
Heat 1 - Wojcik, Richards, Du. Brown, Blanchette, Bach, Jay Folz

May 29 Photos by Doug Zimmer: