Jack Shimon
Jack raced during four different decades at the Rice Lake Speedway. He began his racing career in 1955 at the age of sixteen. During the years that Jack raced, he ran in four different classes. He started out in the Stock class, then in 1973 moved to what was known as the Rice Lake Stock class, and then in 1976 switched to the Super Stock class. Finally, in 1980 he became one of the initial racers during the first year that the Modified class was started.

Between 1961 and 1984, Jack won forty five feature wins at the Rice Lake Speedway. That total would surely be higher except for the fact that prior to 1961 the records for the speedway are incomplete. Jack won feature wins in sixteen different years at the speedway, with his last win coming in 1984 in an open wheel Modified.

Jack was particularly successful winning Auqufest Trophy events as he won a Rice Lake Speedway record seven of them coming in 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1974 and 1976. He won four point championships with those coming in 1964,1965,1968 and 1971. He also won three Season Championship features in the years of 1964,1965 and 1971.

Jack, who exclusively used the #29 during his long racing career, drove a 1938 Plymouth in 1964 and 65 when he won both the points and season championships.

Jack, who on the track was known as “Black Jack Shimon”, raced with a very aggressive style throughout his racing career and was constantly right in the middle of the action both on and off the track as he was one driver the spectators always wanted to keep their eyes on.

With his prominent handle bar mustache, steely glare and aggressive racing style, he surely must have intimidated many a racer on the track over the course of his career. He is certainly one of the most memorable racers in Rice Lake Speedway history.

Jack is a retired Barron County employee and he and his wife Gail live in the rural Cameron area.